The core aims to accommodate the research needs of the academic community and provides services, facilities, and expertise to any group seeking to explore proteomics.

We provide a wide array of services for characterization of protein samples, ranging from discovery proteomics, quantitative Tandem Mass Tag analyses, gel band identification, post-translational modification analyses, co-immunoprecipitation analyses, and more. We also provide sample preparation and data analysis as part of our service.

Samples are processed and analyzed on a sensitive nanoflow liquid chromatography system coupled to a high resolution Orbitrap Fusion mass spectrometer.

To begin a project, please arrange a meeting with Nathan Hendricks to discuss specifics.

Cost estimates will vary depending on the type of project. View our service rates for more information.

ServiceInternal Rate (UC)Educational RateCommercial Rate
Discovery Proteomics (per sample)$81.00$181.44$251.10
Orbitrap Quantitative Proteomics (TMT 2plex)$352.00$591.63$818.40
Orbitrap Quantitative Proteomics (TMT 6plex) $759.00$1275.12$1764.68
Orbitrap Quantitative Proteomics (TMT 10plex) $1232.00$2069.76$2864.40
High pH Fractionation (8 fraction)$330.00$739.20$1023.00
Phosphoenrichment (per sample)$120.00$201.60$279.00

Services are inclusive of sample preparation and data analysis. A full list of services, including individual subsets of sample preparation and data analysis for custom services, can be viewed on the Sales and Service Rate Schedule here.