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Services & Pricing


To begin a project or discuss a rate not viewable below please contact IIGB Admin, IIGBAdmin@ucr.edu, to discuss specifics. 

Service Internal Rate (UC) Educational Rate Commercial Rate
Discovery Proteomics (per sample) $81.00 $181.44 $251.10
Orbitrap Quantitative Proteomics (TMT 2plex) $352.00 $591.63 $818.40
Orbitrap Quantitative Proteomics (TMT 6plex) $759.00 $1,275.12 $1,764.68
Orbitrap Quantitative Proteomics (TMT 10plex) $1,232.00 $2,069.76 $2,864.40
High pH Fractionation (8 fraction) $330.00 $739.20 $1,023.00
Phosphoenrichment (per sample) $120.00 $201.60 $279.00

Services are inclusive of sample preparation and data analysis. A full list of services, including individual subsets of sample preparation and data analysis for custom services, can be viewed on the Sales and Service Rate Schedule here.


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